Sunrise Ministries is a community of people who serve.

Our volunteers greet newcomers and regulars alike, make our coffee and offer donuts, build up our kids, run the soundboard, play in the worship band, and help our students. These are just a few ways you can get involved with the life of Sunrise

If you’d like to get involved but don't see something here that catches your eye, let us know, and we’ll help find the right spot for you.

sunday mornings


We value being a welcoming and comfortable place for anyone who comes in the doors. One way we do this is by having a smiling face greet you and shake your hand as you walk in. Our greeters are responsible for one of the most important things at Sunrise—a first impression. This ministry does involve arriving early. If you love to chat and greet others, than this is for you!

worship team

We are blessed with a wonderful worship team, but we are always looking for those blessed with the gift of music. The worship team practice on Thursday nights and Sunday morning before the service. If you are interested in joining up with our worship team, we normally invite you to jam with us on Thursdays and then decide after that what works best for both you and us to get you more involved! So you 're gifted in the area of music, please don't hesitate to get involved!

Tech team

Believe it or not, there is a lot that goes into pulling off a Sunday service. Specifically, there is a lot of technology that is involved to make a Sunday morning worship service work. This means that we're always looking for people who have a good knowledge of AV, computers, sound boards, electronics, etc. If this is you we'd love to have you as a part of the team.

refreshment team

We love coffee and donuts here at Sunrise. And they wouldn't be available if we didn't have people to pick up donuts and brew the coffee on Sunday mornings. If hospitality is your passion and you love the smell of coffee, please consider joining this team.

Children's ministries


Our kids (K—5th) participate in their own worship we call Kidzone. The kids firs together together as a large group to worship and hear the main Bible lesson. Later they break off into zones for a more in-depth, age-appropriate discussion of what they just heard, and other activities relating to the lesson. If you like spending time teaching and hanging out with this age group, we encourage you to reach out!

little lambs

Little Lambs is our program for 3-year-olds through Pre-K (those not yet in K). Each week our Little Lambs will have a Bible story, sing songs, and enjoy activities that teach about God's word. If this age group sounds more your speed, please get involved! 


We are always looking for help in our nursery as well, so you can sign up or learn more about that opportunity by emailing our nursery coordinator, Kylee Jackson, at