remember niger

THE COUNTRY OF NIGER is immediately to the North of Nigeria with four-fifths of the terrain being consumed by the Sahara Desert.  The situation in Niger is difficult for many.  Niger is the least developed country in the world, according to the United Nations Human Index.  The average income is $390 per year (slightly more than a dollar a day) – one of the lowest in the world.  Nearly 65% of the people living in Niger have never been enrolled in school and the literacy rate is 29%.  A food and nutrition crisis resulting from cyclical severe droughts is threatening the survival of an entire generation of children in the Sahel region in West and Central Africa.  Half of the population (about 7 million people) faces food insecurity.

While these conditions may seem severe, there is great potential for growth, especially when efforts include improving education for children.  Our mission team has devoted itself to making a difference and bringing the love of Christ to Niger.   We partner with a local organization called Remember Niger.   The mission of the Remember Niger Coalition is to unify people and mobilize resources in order to expand quality educational opportunities in Niger.  Sunrise is partnering with Remember Niger to sponsor children, develop schools and educational opportunities, provide meals and medicine, send people on short-term trips, and raise awareness globally of the plight of the country of Niger.  Click here to check out Remember Niger’s website.

A few things you can do:

  • PRAY – lift up the people of Niger regularly in prayer
  • LEARN – find out more about the nation of Niger through books, websites, and other resources
  • GO – be a part of a short-term trip to Niger or consider how God may be calling you to go for a longer duration.
  • GIVE – financially support short-term teams and initiatives that strengthen the local church
  • JOIN – get involved with the Niger Focus Team to further support our partners and help educate and equip Sunrise

Our Niger area is led by a team of people at Sunrise working to support long-term workers on the ground, increase awareness of the issues faced by the people of Niger, and raise support for local causes. We also try to regularly send people on short-term trips to visit our partners in Niger. Short-term teams gain vision for missions, develop a deeper understand of the context in which our partners work, and allow God to radically transform their worldview. While currently we have developed only one global partner, we are listening and looking as to where we may be called next. Our goal is to help as many people as possible grow in their understanding of God’s mission and purpose and to deploy them as ambassadors of Christ worldwide.