Access the Directory

  1. Go to:
  2. Under “Need your Login Information?” type your email address
  3. If your email address is in the membership database you will get a message informing you that an email had been sent to you with your password
  4. If your email address is not in the database:
    1. You will get a message that you need to contact the account administrator
    2. Please email Cyndi Vander Horn @ with your name
      and email address and it will get added.
  5. To change your password, Login at with your username and temporary password, then select “Account” and put your new password in.
  6. To view or download the picture directory: Click the “Directory” tab and then above the list is says, “Download” and you can select either “standard” or “picture.”
  7. To view contributions you made to Sunrise, click the “Contributions” tab
  8. Please keep your personal info up to date. Updating this information will automatically sync with Sunrise’s master membership list.

Members or regular attendees have access to the directory.