A couple years ago Sunrise established the goal of adopting another global partner by June of 2017. This past year I began the process of researching, praying and meeting with different ministries to see who would be the best fit for Sunrise. Out of the many ministries brought to my attention, I felt God leading me to Pray America in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Not only did I feel a peace about the possible partnership with this ministry but Pray America met all of the criteria for our next global partner.

  • A like-minded ministry that not only nourishes people physically but also spiritually and advances the Kingdom of God.
  • A ministry that is affordable for the family, geographically close and safe.
  • A ministry that is relational and works to create self-sufficiency in the community that it serves.
  • A ministry that is impacted greatly by the financial gift of Sunrise but also the members who serve on short term trips.

So, the next step in pursuing a partnership with Pray America meant that I physically go to Guatemala to see how they live out their mission found in James 1:27……“to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself
from being polluted by the world.”

When I arrived in Chichicastenango or Chichi, I learned that about 80% of men struggle with alcoholism. There is extreme poverty and hopelessness everywhere you turn. The obstacles that these people face just to get clean water and food for one day is astounding. The women in Chichi are truly the backbone of the community, caring for their children, grandchildren and orphaned children. These are the modern-day widows and orphans that Jesus calls us to care for.

Although the despair is overwhelming it is apparent that God is working through Pray America to bring hope to the people of Chichi. Through sponsorships and short-term teams, Pray America is able to provide homeless widows with new homes, food, clean water, mentorship, the opportunity to learn a trade, start a business and many other life changing opportunities. Most importantly though
they serve and care for those who are hurting in such a beautiful way that exemplifies Christ's love.

I am excited to partner with Pray America and connect Sunrise Ministries with the Chichi community. This summer, July 20-27, there will be a short-term mission trip to Guatemala. Besides traveling to Guatemala there are many other ways that you can get involved in supporting our partnership. Currently we are forming a team that will meet monthly to advocate for, raise awareness about and plan special events for Pray America. Sponsoring a family and prayer are two other important ways you can support this partnership. To learn more, you can go to or email me at