We believe God has called us to focus our energy and resources in two areas around the globe: Niger, Africa and Guatemala. While everyone on the planet has an undeniable need for the transformational love of Christ, these two areas are places where Sunrise has the unique opportunity to help people hear about Jesus and experience His love in real, tangible ways.


our nigerian partner

The Remember Niger Coalition's goal is to work with local visionaries in Niger to expand quality Christian education to children and give hope to the people of Niger. Their vision is a society transformed socially, spiritually, and economically through quality educational opportunities. With their Nigerian partners, Remember Niger helps build schools and handles support and upkeep for these schools. In addition, they supply food, they help to plant and tend gardens, and they help provide clean water and medical care. All of this is accomplished through sponsorships, donations, and team visits.

To learn more about Remember Niger, visit their website.


OUR Guatemalan partners

Pray America is a ministry located in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. The Pray America ministry began serving the local Mayan people in 2003 with James 1:27 as a foundation "to look after orphans and widows in their distress." There is an overwhelming number of widows in Chichicastenango and Pray America is working to bring hope and the Gospel of Jesus to these individuals. They do this through feeding programs, widow house construction, long term mentorship, water filtration systems, efficient stoves, dental clinics and solar Bibles. These programs are made possible with the help of short-term mission trip teams and sponsorships.

To learn more about Pray America, visit their website.