God intended for us to live in community together. We read in scripture that the early church met in the Temple Courts, but also in houses. Large group worship is essential for our spiritual growth, but small groups are where we can connect with each other on a more relational level.

In a small group, we study the Bible, eat together, care and pray for each other, and share our time and stories. Participating in a small group is the best way for adults, college-age and older, to connect with others in the church and live out our mission and vision.

Anyone can join a group, even if this Sunday was your first time at Sunrise. If you’re not already involved in a small group, you’re missing out. You’ll be blessed!

So are you ready to join a small group? Would you like more info first? Whatever your interest, contact Dan at


Sunrise Ministries is a community of people who serve.

Our volunteers feed our neighbors, lead small groups, fix cars, and make and serve meals. On Sunday mornings they greet newcomers and regulars alike, make our coffee and offer donuts, build up our kids, run the soundboard, play in the worship band, and help our students. And that’s only the beginning.

We’ve listed a few serving opportunities below. However, there are too many to list here. If you’d like to get involved, let us know, and we’ll help find the right spot for you.

Hospitality Team

The hospitality team is essential. This is how we welcome new people to our church, show them around, help them find a seat, make sure they have some coffee and a donut and help them feel at home. Anyone can do it: all we ask is that you have a welcoming smile (please email us if you meet this description).

Anchor Student Ministry

Our Anchor Student Ministries provides community and Christian leadership for students from middle school through high school. We’re always looking for volunteers to help play games, teach lessons, serve pizza, and be role models. Let us know if you’d like to help make a difference in the lives of Sunrise’s young people.

Local Missions

Our local missions are led by a team of people who work together to find needs in our community and connect people from Sunrise to meet those needs. Currently, we have developed a number of partnerships within the West Michigan community. If you can lend a hand somewhere (and let’s be honest – you can), please reach out to Shana, our Director of Missions, for more info.

Children’s Ministry

At Sunrise Ministries, we’re serious about taking care of children and teaching them about Jesus. If you have a heart for children (or an appropriate amount of patience), this is the ministry for you. Our volunteers staff classrooms for infants through fifth grade. If you’d like to help out in the children’s ministry, contact Penny.

Worship and Tech Teams

Maybe you know how to play guitar, or maybe you can run lights or a soundboard. Either way, there may be a place for you on Sunrise’s worship team. If you’re interested in helping out, email Dan for more information about volunteering and auditions.


When you partner with Sunrise you’re not signing up to be a member of a church to get special benefits or privileges. Rather you’re joining us in our mission: To Transform the World with Grace and Love. Partnership is an active commitment to join us in our call to change the world around us with the message of Christ. The country club has members, we have partners. We think this is an important distinction. Partners join us and use their time, money and whatever talents God has given them to join with others in sharing God’s grace and love to everyone they meet. It takes patience and dedication and a whole lot of grace.

But you’re not doing it alone. Sunrise is a community of people who have committed to taking this journey together. And when you partner with us, you formally join us in the work that we do for God’s kingdom: In-the-trenches, dirt-under-your-fingernails, makes-you-sweat kind of work. It’s not easy, but it’s good.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, the first step is to attend the Partnership class.  These classes are held 3-4 times per year.

In this class you will learn about Sunrise’s history, beliefs, values, and its distinct mission that God has called us to. If you are interested in pursuing partnership after the class you will then be asked to complete a short assignment to learn more about what it means to transform the world with grace and love. Finally, you will be welcomed publicly into the community on a Sunday morning.

Criteria of Partners

  • Confession of a personal experience of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Agreement with Sunrise’s basic faith statements
  • Experience of Christian baptism
  • Willingness to support Sunrise’s mission, values and practices
  • A commitment to be intentional about one’s spiritual growth
  • A commitment to be connected in biblical community
  • A commitment to maintain unity within the church where Sunrise has undefined positions

Benefits of partnering with Sunrise

  • Partners have the right to influence the key decisions of the church, including the selection of elder candidates and their affirmation
  • Partners take part in periodic meetings where matters affecting the church are discussed and feedback is invited
  • Partners receive priority in the allocation of finite church resources